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When investing in sports, it is very important to only follow the system CONSISTENTLY. As you can see,there is losing and there is winning in this process. No one or company can or will win every day of the week/month/year. That will not happen ever! What is important to realize is that sports investing is a PROCESS. When we lose several games in a row or several days in a row, that is not the time to jump off or abandon what we are doing here. Not Ever! When you do that, you will miss the winners that go along with the losses. These winners are crucial to building our bankroll each month. You need to follow exactly what we do each day/week/month. You need to play out program the way it is meant to be played. If you do so you will see profit each month with the system and strategy that we have employed.

We win! This is Documented and proven!

Treat sports investing as a business, not as a gambling.

(Chart shows Z code picks performance for MLB regular season 2011)

Again, investing needs to be treated as a PROCESS. Only after you profit each month do you increase your wager size. To beat the “book” is one of the hardest things to accomplish on a regular basis. When you find a successful program, such as the one we have created here at Z code system, it is vital you

follow that program precisely if you want to truly profit and be a winner each month. When you go off on your own and play your own plays that do not have information behind them, or “cherry pick” other services’ plays here and there that is the worst thing you can do. In closing, allow us to reiterate some crucial key points. Stay with our proven program we have laid out for you. You will profit long term! Do not get bogged down in day-to-day affairs. Do not get too high or too low during the month. Do not jump around and play random plays in which we do not endorse. Do not chase, do not double down, and do not bet more games unless we tell you to do so. 

We cannot STRESS enough that this is a PROCESS; you need to treat it as such. Relax, we know what we are doing. This should be a stress free process for you. When you do not get bogged down in day-to-day outcomes sports investing becomes stress free and an enjoyable experience.Let us worry about the day-to-day affairs. 

You just make your investments each day that we suggest for you. Collect at the end of each month. It’s that simple. There should be no emotion involved in this process for you. When you let emotion take over, that is when you will make bad decisions, and will lose your bankroll immediately. 

Follow the system, remove the emotion involved in day-to-day outcomes, and profit long term. Lets have another profitable month! Proven since 1999 Zcode is a fully transparent winning system proven since 1999. The betatesters have already backtested it all way back 12 years and now they are forward testing it publicly with great results.

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